Monday, January 11, 2016

Simplify, Organize, Focus

I must admit, when I first heard about having a "word" for a year - I thought it was dumb. Obviously, I have thought a little bit harder about it, since I now have three words for the year - simplify, organize, and focus. I like that words for the year become a year long resolution, I can tell it will help me to keep things I do in perspective. Let's start with SIMPLIFY. While visiting my sister last year, I talked her into buying the book The Magical Art of Tidying Up to help her with packing for her move overseas. But I would say we both benefitted greatly from implementing Marie Kondo's ideas. Since having children, especially since having baby #2, I have been seeing the value of less. We live in a small house and things like baby clothes and toys (specifically Hot Wheels) seem to multiply when I'm not looking. Even my own stuff became overwhelming, I started asking myself "Would I buy this if I got rid of it today?" A lot of times, the answer was "no" so off it went to be donated, and I have no intention of buying a replacement for it. It feels nice to SIMPLIFY and then ORGANIZE what I have and FOCUS on what is important to me. For me, a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind. I have trouble focusing when my house is out of control, and with a small house it can happen quickly if left unchecked. 

Washing and drying the grimy Duplos, making sure they have a designated place to be stored instead of random cardboard boxes.

Beeswax polish for wooden toys and furniture. I used this recipe. It makes wood look so lovely.

A newly polished play kitchen, that will stay this nicely put together oh, until the preschooler comes home. We've had this kitchen for a few years and I so badly wanted him to love this. He likes it enough, as long as I am right next to him playing - I really think that is his personality though, it has nothing to do with the fact that this is a kitchen. I remember the lady that I bought this from told me "Yeah, I was hoping my son would like this way more than he did." The little boy was there when I came to buy this and he wasn't sad to see it go at all, the only thing he asked to keep was the play knife for cutting the wooden fruit, just like a boy. I let him keep it. I can't bear to part with this kitchen right now, so I think it will be kept until baby #2 is older. Am I doing the opposite of my word of the year??? In this case, it's okay.

My sweet babe, waiting until he's big enough to play with the kitchen.

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  1. Okay, I WANT that play kitchen, but mostly for me (my boys play with theirs every now and then, but not too regularly, and I often wonder about getting rid of it). I love Marie Kundo's ideas, but I'm not as bold as I need to be about getting rid of things. :/

    I still haven't picked a word for the year, but my top contenders are: Bold, Brave, Content.