Monday, January 25, 2016

Learning Something New

The pink blur is the pig, yes I still need to figure out my camera, I am finding that daunting as well!
For the past year or so, I thought it would be fun to learn needle felting, but it seemed daunting. For Christmas I received a needle felting starter kit from Maximus, but no book. He must have had great confidence in my creative genius but I needed a little bit more instruction than myself, so I bought the book Wool Pets. I like how the author presented this craft, she made me feel like I could make anything I wanted, so in two days I made 4 different projects. I've been surprised with how simple needle felting is and my oldest has been enjoying the fruit of my labor. He likes pulling up a chair while I make "little creatures" and then he whisks them away for imaginary games. He and papa even made a little duplo chicken coop for the hen. Soon, I am going to venture into felting some playscapes too. It's fun to be crafty again.

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