Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bits of Christmas

One of the things I appreciate about Orthodoxy is the rhythm it gives to life. I remember growing up, that the day after Christmas always seemed like such a let down, there was all of this anticipation for Christmas, and just like that it was over. As the last wadded up piece of wrapping paper was tossed into the garbage, the season ended, rather than began. Now, as Orthodox Christians we completed the Nativity fast on the 25th, and we are still joyfully feasting and celebrating the Christmas season.

This is the first year that G. is starting to understand Christmas, what it means and the traditions involved. It was so fun to see him making Christmas cookies using his great grandma's recipe. I realized I did not have food coloring so the icing was just going to be white - that is until I added too much vanilla extract which resulted in a pale brown color. There always seems to be a hitch when it comes to coloring that icing, one year I tried coloring it with a little wine hoping it would turn red. It turned light purple. I think it is time to just buy some natural food coloring.

I received a new camera for Christmas and I am trying to figure out how to use it, since baby has been born, I haven't taken many pictures of him and I am hoping to capture the parts of our day that I would most like to remember as my children grow. So giant piles of laundry and tantrums will most likely not be included, sorry if anyone was looking forward to pictures of those things.